2017 - 2018 Business & Industry Membership with NJ SNA

Business & Industry Membership for the 2017 - 2018 year is now up for joining or renewal! We are so appreciative of your continuous support of the New Jersey School Nutrition Association! Annual membership fee is $300, and membership is required in order to reserve a booth for our 2017 Conference:  "Boardwalk Empire".

Thank you again for your company membership with NJ SNA!!


2017 Conference Booth Partnership

We look forward to your participation in our Food & Equipment Exhibition at our 2017 NJ SNA Annual Conference:  BOARDWALK EMPIRE!  The show will be on Thursday, November 9:  12 - 1 PM for buyers/decision makers, and then 1 - 3 PM for all attendees.

Prior to selecting a level of conference booth partnership, remember that the annual NJ SNA Business & Industry membership fee of $300 must be paid, also.

We are asking conference participants to "Take a Gamble and Build Their Empire Within Prohibitive Regulations"  and we are grateful to have you participate with us in this endeavor! And, as an exhibitor, you are cordially invited to attend our "1920's Prohibition Cocktail Party",  the evening of Thursday, November will be a great time to eat, drink, relax, enjoy, and network with your peers!

Thank you for your support of the New Jersey School Nutrition Association!!


2017 Conference Sponsor Donations

In order to enable NJ SNA to continue to hold high quality conferences that will encourage a large number of attendees, we could use your support to sponsor some of the conference costs.

We appreciate any help you can provide!  Thank you so much!